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Selling Your Own Home? Need An Appraisal? We can DEFINITELY help!

So you are thinking about selling your own home? Great idea. In this market real estate commissions can be exceptionally high, and with the state of technology today, it has never been easier to list and sell your own property. Problem number one though; How much is your home worth? How much should you list your home for? Even more importantly, how much will someone be willing to PAY for your home in the current market?

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FSBO Appraisal

Sure there are numerous AVM systems out there (Automatic Valuation Systems) such as Zillow that will give you a BALLPARK idea of what your home is worth based on an average of what homes LIKE yours are going for in your area, but how similar is your home to the other homes in your area? Are your upgrades better than theirs? Is your lot size bigger? How do the specifics of YOUR home affect its value in the current market, and how will potential BUYERS recognize those specific attributes and assign them value?

It is very common for parties involved in a private sale (a sale between two private parties without a realtor or a bank / lender directly involved) to obtain a professional appraisal of the property they are buying / selling. Many times a potential seller will obtain a private appraisal in order to help determine a more comprehensive and measured value of their home BEFORE they try to sell it. Savvy sellers know that the KEY to selling your property is pricing it right. The longer your home sits on the market the less likely it is to sell, and the less it will ultimately sell for. Competitively priced listings always sell first – do you know what your home is worth? Do you know what a typical buyer is willing to pay for your home in your market?

Longview Appraisals works with many different types of appraisal clients, including many who are going to use the appraisal to help them sell their own home. Our Certified Residential Appraisers have the knowledge and experience necessary to give you the most accurate and professional snapshot of your home and the predominant values in the surrounding areas possible. Our appraisers can and will make sure you receive your appraisal in a format that is easily understandable and professionally presented so it can be used for that purpose. If you need an appraisal to help you sell your home, please consider Longview Appraisals. Call today for a no obligation quote – it is probably less expensive than you think!

Trust Longview Appraisals to help you determine the value of your & your client’s real property, whatever your need might be.